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Prakash Banjara

A Malaysian Hatrick 2018

It’d be stupid of me if I say “I didn’t have time to write.” But, why didn’t I write? I am a lazy ass. To sum things, more than discovering, this trip was a trip of improvisation to me. Improvisation in travel patterns, improvisation in spending money, and a lot more..   There are a …

Prakash Banjara

Don’t go to Rara Lake

When I reached the checkpoint at Rara National Park, I came to know from a on-duty Army, approximately 70,000 visitors were recorded in the last six months. But, it really excited me, because only 3-4% of the total visitors were foreigners. So, when domestic tourism is flourishing so much, why isn’t Nepal Tourism Board or …

Prakash Banjara

A 10 Second Story!

In a casual afternoon on October 8, 2017, I was wrapping my trip of Pokhara and around. In the course, me along with my friends, decided to do a detour to Begnas Lake. We reached there at around 1:30 PM, and by 1:40 PM, we had already got onto a boat and decided to do …