A Malaysian Hatrick 2018

It’d be stupid of me if I say “I didn’t have time to write.” But, why didn’t I write? I am a lazy ass.

To sum things, more than discovering, this trip was a trip of improvisation to me. Improvisation in travel patterns, improvisation in spending money, and a lot more..


There are a few stupid, yet wonderful things happened

  • It rained for 5 days straight 🙁

King’s Palace! 😉

    • Sleeping at McDonald’s
    • Taking only 1 breakfast in 7 days
    • Going to a horror movie in the midnight
    • Bargaining like a pro

After visiting a lot of pubs in the midnight, we decided to go further deep into the streets, called an Uber, and the driver dropped us right in front of the Zouk, Trec, one of the biggest pub in Malaysia. Walking through the Streets of KL, we were compelled to crash off at a McDonald’s store at 5:30 in the morning.


This post was in my draft since March 4, 2018. I didn’t even write a single word, and I’m posting it already as it is! 😛


Have a great life! 🙂

Prakash Banjara

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