10 Songs To Make A Trip Musical

Sometimes, when you are on a trip, mostly on a road trip, and you have gone miles and miles, and more miles to go, and all the people along with you have nothing to talk about, or have been pretty much bored already, so what to do? Well, I have also been in a lot of such situations, and I say “Let’s listen to some music!”, and the silence breaks! 😀

So, here’s some of my favorite numbers which gets everyone singing and breaking the strong, rigid ice around! 😀

Also, I think, we all have a peculiar connection with the song, and we recall our own nostalgic memories, and feel the music, hence, smooths our mood! 🙂

  1. Aage Aage Topai Ko Gola, Danny & Aasha Bhosle
  2. Chekyo Chekyo, Nepathya
  3. Gurasai Fulyo, 1974 AD
  4. Mohani Lagla Hai, Narayan Gopal & Aasha Bhosle
  5. Jati Maya Laye Pani, 1974 AD
  6. Budhes Kal Ko Lathi, Mt. 8848
  7. Yo Naniko Siraima, Bidhan Shrestha
  8. Deurali Ko Chautarima, Sanjeev Pradhan
  9. Bidesh Jane Mayalu Timilai, Deepak Thapa
  10. Kaha Hola Ghara Bara, Karma Band


Please add your favorite songs below on the comment section!

Happy Travelling!

Prakash Banjara

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