Lets Talk Mo:Mo

Ah! As I write the title to this post, my mouth is already watering, because, it is an inevitable part of my life, maybe also yours, yes, I’m talking about the great MO:MO! 😀

It comes in different shapes, sizes,  texture and taste. However, mo:mo is pure love! <3

Well, we all have had the opportunity to taste the wonderful delicacy for sure. Today, I want to talk about some of the finest mo:mo I have ever gone through. Please pass your favorite mo:mo, and the place too in the comments below!

Here are my top 5 mo:mo experiences:

  1. Highway Hunger
    Place: Bardibas, Mahottari
    Price: Nrs. 130/-

    Maybe, because I was so hungry after a 5 hours long drive, me along with my friend searched for a place to have some food, and then, out of no where, we found this! 😀

  2.  Magic Dippings
    Place: Bishal Mo:Mo, New Baneshwor
    Price: Nrs. 90/- (Buff)

    Located in a very tiny alley opposite to West Gate of BICC, in front of Tax Office, Bishal Mo:Mo serves one of the finest mo:mo in the town. What excites me here, is not the mo:mo, but the different dippings they offer. In the image as well, you can see two different dippings, also, there was one more, which I hadn’t used. This place is pretty busy, yet the service is very fast and until you wait for your delicious mo:mo to arrive, you will still be busy, your ears; hearing the sound of the gas burner, your eyes; watching the people serving in rush, your nose; smelling the wonderful fried meat right in front of you, and of course, I forgot, your mouth; watering with a lot of craving for what is coming.

    They also have varieties of Veg Mo:Mo here. Besides the regular fillings, they serve “Paneer Mo:Mo” and “Khuwa Mo:Mo”, which of course I haven’t tried, because, who eats vegetables man?

  3. Mo:Mo from Top of the World
    Place: Everest Mo:Mo, Naxal
    Price: Nrs. 130/-

    With over 30 years of experience, this is the place, which serves the best Soup Mo:Mo in the valley. Despite the rapid growth in number of new Mo:Mo stations in the valley, the mo:mo here is still unbeatable.

    The only cons here are, the tiny space, echoing noise of the burner, and having the last token for the mo:mo, and yes, the most important one; needing to eat while standing.

  4. Simply Classic
    Place: Classic Mo:Mo, Narayan Chaur, Naxal
    Price: I forgot, but it was pretty expensive! 😀

    After finding out this place in a lot of advertisements, I went to this place to try their mo:mo. The place was cozy, silent, and clean. Getting into the place, the first thing was to get the mo:mo token, I ordered some mo:mo and handed the order slip, and in return, I was handed a device, I didn’t know what it did. I sat down, having some chat with my friend, and in a while, something vibrated, and to my surprise, it was the device which I was handed, was vibrating. They used the device to let the customer know that their food is ready to be  picked. The mo:mo was served in a circular bamboo thing and did give a good fragrance.

    It looked liked this as I opened the cover:

    They served three different types of dippings which added rich flavor to the beautifully packed meat.
    What made the experience wonderful was the buzzing device, and the bamboo plate!

  5. Cant Fit in Mo:Mo
    Place: Universal Cafe, Sukedhara
    Price: Nrs. 110/-

    I think, the Mo:Mo is so big, you can barely fit in your mouth. Also, extreme caution is needed, as the mo:mo is extremely juicy. What makes this place go able is the never changing taste of the Mo:Mo.

    That’s it for today. Keep eating Mo:Mo, and keep Living the wonderful life, with wonderful food! 😀
    Stay Tuned! Adios Amigos!

Prakash Banjara


Ang Sonam Sherpa

Momo is life. <3
Anyways, you forgot to mention the one located near Dharahara. I don't remember the name but then it was the best dumplings I ever savaged.
Price = Rs. 100, I guess.
And, my home-made momos also do qualify to be included in your lists but you haven't tasted it, yet. [ Unfortunately 😉 ]

Prakash Banjara

How fortunate would I be to taste the ones you mentioned! Invite me over! B)


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