A 10 Second Story!

In a casual afternoon on October 8, 2017, I was wrapping my trip of Pokhara and around. In the course, me along with my friends, decided to do a detour to Begnas Lake. We reached there at around 1:30 PM, and by 1:40 PM, we had already got onto a boat and decided to do a quick sightseeing of the lake.

I had been telling to my friends, that I wanted to swim at the Phew Lake, from the day before, but due to the bad weather, I was unable to do so. Thus, I decided, I am going to swim at Begnas Lake.

As we got on the boat, I quickly threw all of my clothes and stood on the edge of the boat, pinched my nose, and jumped into the Lake, oh yes, without a LIFE JACKET.

As I jumped and was underwater, my mind struck to a crucial information that our guide had shared just a while back, the lake had a depth of 33 feet (10 m). My weight, continued to push me underwater, and it was almost a few seconds already, I felt hopeless, I felt scared, I felt miserable, I felt, like I was going to DIE.

As I closed my eyes, to think up of solutions, I just recalled the wonderful moments of my life in like a snap. The clock was ticking, my lungs were feeling very heavy and I was still going down, deep into the pristine water. The visibility was diminishing, and at one point, the sunny day, had already become so dark from down there. Also, I remember, our boat was yellow colored, which I had no vision of either. I felt like everything has ended here.

Then, I don’t know what kind of miracle happened to me, I remembered the swimming sessions that I used to attend sometimes back in the valley, I knew, if I would hold my breathe and wait until the water starts to push me back with its thrust, I could still be able to go back on the surface.

Then, I pinched my nose again, even though I was trying so hard to breathe because I was literally unable to hold it.

Slowly, I could feel my feet, something was starting to push me back, then I moved my legs and arms, trying to push me up. After a couple of seconds, the dark lights were overtaken by the beautiful sunlight, and I could now see our yellow boat.

My breathe wasn’t helping me, still, not reaching there, would be my big regret, I still tried to convince my self to not breathe for a few more seconds.

Ultimately, I could see the blue bars on the yellow boat, and as I saw it coming, I brought all my energy from where I don’t know, I pushed my body out of the water, my hands gripped on one of the blue bars, and me, gasped for air, and gave my friends a scary surprise!

After resting for sometime, I grabbed a life jacket, and you can see me chilling! 😉

And hence, sharing this from my second life! 🙂

Thanks Physics!

PS: Life is a beautiful gift, don’t waste it for your shit adrenaline rush! Also, my friends and family, don’t be mad at me! I really know this is a very stupid of me! 🙁

Prakash Banjara


Yamuna Panchkoti

Just a matter of 10 second and you got your second life! Motivated

Prakash Banjara

Indeed, it’s wonderful being able to share this experience!

Niranjan chapagain

You should never play with water and fire….not 10 seconds i think it was a matter of 1.37 seconds that u survived.Safety in needed everywhere whether ur in bed or water.

Prakash Banjara

yes, exactly, a fraction of second has to power to change everything!

Hritisha Thapa

That gave me chills!! If I was there I would have already given up! But a huge shout outs to you sir.

Prakash Banjara

The moment when I had my head out of the water, nothing but a miracle happened!


A si, el artículo es bueno señor pero ten cuidado la próxima vez.


Well structured ; great rising action?

Sad to see you alive again? …


This is what the moment of life is… We dont need more time to get meaning of the existence of life is …happy reincarnation comes mement after moment…just live it!


We share a common experience now Prakash. I had similar experience when I was around 12-13 years old. Darn! The feeling still haunts me deep down inside. Cheers to second lives! 🙂


Don’t try this at home school or anywhere ..???again
Lesson: never give up..
Ma vako vaye ta mari sakthye hola ???


indeed a lesson for life…. hav fun and be urself not everyone gets a second life enjoy it to ur fullest ??


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