A 10 Second Story!

In a casual afternoon on October 8, 2017, I was wrapping my trip of Pokhara and around. In the course, me along with my friends, decided to do a detour to Begnas Lake. We reached there at around 1:30 PM, and by 1:40 PM, we had already got onto a boat and decided to do a quick sightseeing of the lake.

I had been telling to my friends, that I wanted to swim at the Phew Lake, from the day before, but due to the bad weather, I was unable to do so. Thus, I decided, I am going to swim at Begnas Lake.

As we got on the boat, I quickly threw all of my clothes and stood on the edge of the boat, pinched my nose, and jumped into the Lake, oh yes, without a LIFE JACKET.

As I jumped and was underwater, my mind struck to a crucial information that our guide had shared just a while back, the lake had a depth of 33 feet (10 m). My weight, continued to push me underwater, and it was almost a few seconds already, I felt hopeless, I felt scared, I felt miserable, I felt, like I was going to DIE.

As I closed my eyes, to think up of solutions, I just recalled the wonderful moments of my life in like a snap. The clock was ticking, my lungs were feeling very heavy and I was still going down, deep into the pristine water. The visibility was diminishing, and at one point, the sunny day, had already become so dark from down there. Also, I remember, our boat was yellow colored, which I had no vision of either. I felt like everything has ended here.

Then, I don’t know what kind of miracle happened to me, I remembered the swimming sessions that I used to attend sometimes back in the valley, I knew, if I would hold my breathe and wait until the water starts to push me back with its thrust, I could still be able to go back on the surface.

Then, I pinched my nose again, even though I was trying so hard to breathe because I was literally unable to hold it.

Slowly, I could feel my feet, something was starting to push me back, then I moved my legs and arms, trying to push me up. After a couple of seconds, the dark lights were overtaken by the beautiful sunlight, and I could now see our yellow boat.

My breathe wasn’t helping me, still, not reaching there, would be my big regret, I still tried to convince my self to not breathe for a few more seconds.

Ultimately, I could see the blue bars on the yellow boat, and as I saw it coming, I brought all my energy from where I don’t know, I pushed my body out of the water, my hands gripped on one of the blue bars, and me, gasped for air, and gave my friends a scary surprise!

After resting for sometime, I grabbed a life jacket, and you can see me chilling! πŸ˜‰

And hence, sharing this from my second life! πŸ™‚

Thanks Physics!

PS: Life is a beautiful gift, don’t waste it for your shit adrenaline rush! Also, my friends and family, don’t be mad at me! I really know this is a very stupid of me! πŸ™